eLAB Laboratory
eLAB Laboratory

eLAB Laboratory provides services in clinical biochemistry, microbiology and genetics, since 2002. eLAB Laboratory provides both individual and corporate customer services by remaining faithful to the evidence-based laboratory practice.


Our aim is to be the first choice of our customers by offering world-class healthcare services that exceed expectations with our experienced team of experts.


Following the rapid transformation of the health industry and offering the innovations accordingly to our customers.


Adopting the “Good and Correct Laboratory Practices” with all our employees and management and meeting the requirements of ISO 15189 Standard; continuously improving our high-quality services with our dynamic quality management system and to become a laboratory that always provides accurate, reliable and fast results by following the international standards and latest technologies with the active participation of our expert team who continuously improve themselves with trainings in line with their targets and personal development.

Our laboratory applies professional working methods that are based on science and free from prejudice, and these tests also comply with ethical rules and benefit from state-of-the-art equipment for accurate results. Our quality system ensures that all our results are accurate, precise and reliable.

As eLAB Laboratory, our aim is to provide customer-oriented service that takes into account customer needs and feedback while also complying with the principles of independence, impartiality, and confidentiality without any compromises from ethical values in our medical laboratory services.

Since its foundation, eLAB Laboratories Group has regularly participated in both external and internal quality control programs and tests are structured according to ISO EN 15189 (Accreditation Rules for Medical Laboratories) standard.

eLAB Laboratories Group provides web-based solutions in both individual and corporate services to facilitate laboratory services for the end-users.


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