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Mobile Blood Collection

You can make an appointment to have your samples to be collected at your home or workplace.

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Mobile Services

You can use our mobile blood collection and analysis service performed at your location by the reliable and expert staff of our eLAB mobile teams.

eLAB is always by your side when you want to receive the service from the comfort of your home or office without having to visit our branches. You can make an appointment to have your samples collected at your home or workplace.

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Celiac Disease
Celiac Disease
Hepatitis B (Jaundice)
Hepatitis B (Jaundice)
Don't forget that early diagnosis saves lives. These tests diagnose the possibility of a family history from allergies to cancer, or the behavior of mutant cells in the body.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It necessary to make an appoIntment before havIng a laboratory test?

Some specific loading tests are performed at certain times of the day under supervision of a doctor. If you are going to have such a test, make sure to check with the laboratory beforehand to receive detailed information.

  • Sugar loading tests
  • Growth hormone suppression tests
  • Growth hormone stimulation tests
  • Cortisol suppression tests
  • Cortisol stimulation tests
  • GnRH test
How long wIll the test results take?

This period varies according to the tests performed. All of your routine blood test results are ready on the same day at 17:00. Apart from that, please inform the laboratory of any tests that you or your doctor requires to be run urgently to find out how long it will take to get results. Some tests are run only on certain days of the week as part of the program and require time to be completed. When you arrive at our laboratory, please ask the receptionists when the test results will be ready.

Can I see my lab results on the Internet?

You can receive your lab results by e-mail. To do this, please enter the online results section and fill in the required information. In addition, your results will be sent to you via e-mail if you request so at the time of your registration.

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